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How productive are you? Complete this survey to find out today.

Hello Control Your Day Crew!
First off I am sorry it has been so long since I updated my blog, I have been busy with a few big projects. A number of you have asked if I am going to publish a new version of Control Your Day, I do have some great new ideas to share, I just have to get through a couple other projects and then I can work on CYD Version 2.0. Please drop me a line with any ideas or suggestions you have, if I include them in the next version I will be sure to give you credit and send you a free copy of the book.

I came across a great productivity questionnaire that you should definitely complete. Once done, the site will provide an analysis of your time management skills. You answer a series of questions, it only takes a few minutes, and they give you a page of feedback with your results and suggestions on how to improve.


I thought they nailed it with the following line about me.

Your answers indicate a highly significant pattern of good time management, with a little easily distracted, behavior.

Give it a shot.

Jim McCullen

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