What are the steps I should do at the end of the year to clean out my CYD system?

Please see chapter 12 in the book for instructions on how to clean out your CYD system at the end of the year.

When I create a next action with an @ sign in front, Outlook responds with an error and will not let me save the change.

This happens with some installations of Outlook. You can fix it by using a different symbol, try the # sign instead. You will have to change the search criteria for each of your context folders to look for the #context (#NA, #WF, etc..) instead of the @sign (@NA, @WF, etc..)

Can I use CYD on my Mac?

CYD is only supported on Windows today, I am planning to test it on Outlook for Mac, sometime this year (2015)

How do I add the advanced query options to Outlook search folders?

You can find step by step instructions on how to add the Query Builder tab in Outlook.

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