Thought I would share a few tips with everyone that might help you to wrap up your digital world for 2018 and get prepared for 2019. Clean out your photos from the past year, I am sure there are hundreds of shots that you really don’t need to save. This can be a fun process as it will help you to think back about everything that you experienced in the past year.Make sure your photos
Hello Control Your Day Crew! First off I am sorry it has been so long since I updated my blog, I have been busy with a few big projects. A number of you have asked if I am going to publish a new version of Control Your Day, I do have some great new ideas to share, I just have to get through a couple other projects and then I can work on CYD Version
This blog post is a bit out of the norm for me but I thought it would be great to share these ideas with my audience. At the beginning of each year I go through all of my monthly expenses and check to see if there is any way I can reduce the cash that is flying out of my wallet. My intention is not to reduce the quality of the services, just reduce the
100 Life Hacks You Need To Read To Start Your 2016 Right

Getting Things Done – A Primer

Posted by JIm McCullen on  January 10, 2016

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GTD is an organizational system. It doesn’t put rules around how you actually do your work. Instead, it focuses on how you capture the work you need to do, organize it, and choose what needs your attention. At its core, GTD stands on five “pillars,” or steps to getting and staying organized: Learn more about the basics of David Allen’s Getting Things Done from this Lifehacker artice on GTD. Jim McCullen /    
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