Control Your Day(CYD) offers a fresh new way to manage email and tasks using Microsoft Outlook. The CYD system applies the concepts from David Allen’s Book “Getting Things Done” to help you take back control of your inbox and reduce the stress and work required to manage your email, your commitments and your life.


Achieve Inbox Zero

A concept originally presented by Merlin Mann ( The goal was to empty your inbox each day or at least each week. Apply the principles of CYD and you will be able to get to Inbox Zero.


Get Things Done w/ Microsoft Outlook

David Allen’s best selling book Getting Things Done offers a proven method to capture, manage and deliver on your commitments. Control Your Day will help you implement these proven GTD concepts using Microsoft Outlook without any additional software.


Deliver on your commitments

CYD will help you to track your commitments and track work you have delegated to others. Do you lose track of requests that come into your Inbox? Forget to follow-up on work you have delegated? CYD will become your Control Tower, allowing you to process, prioritize and complete your work faster and more efficiently.

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