Making Time for Yourself in a University Life

University can be demanding. You probably find yourself struggling to make time for everything you need to do, which includes not only studies, but also keeping up with friends and family and taking time for yourself. Self care during school requires a bit of planning. Here are some of the ways that you can make time for yourself.

Set Aside Time

You should schedule time for yourself just like you schedule anything else. It could be as simple as a half hour per day where you do whatever you need to do to recharge. If you have already scheduled this time on your calendar, it will seem less like you are ignoring your responsibilities or slacking off.

Schedule Healthy Activities with Others

It also helps if you schedule your activities with other people who are counting on you to be there. Say you really need to go for a run in order to stay healthy.If you have already scheduled to go for a run with a friend, it will be harder to miss out on this priority and cancel. You could schedule these events on a weekly basis so that you are sure you will make time to take care of yourself every week.

Learn to Be Choosy

You probably can’t make time for yourself during university while also accepting every invitation and being a part of many different social and activity groups. While college is a good time to explore your options and learn about new things, you should also be able to say no to events that you don’t think will help you out too much. And again, if you have already scheduled out time for work, study, and self care, you will have a better reason to say no to an activity that really doesn’t fit within your schedule.

Study Efficiently

Finally, find time to study efficiently. If you can complete your school work quickly and effectively, that will simply leave more hours in the week to distribute to other parts of your life. You don’t want to skimp on your school work, but you can do some planning to find out how you can study best. If you are always tired when you’re studying, then you are probably spending more hours than you need to in front of your school books; you might want to figure out which hours you can get the work done most efficiently in. And if you’re not using online resources to help yourself study quicker, you are probably not using your time as best as you can.

Use Time Saving Apps and Programs

There are so many different apps and programs out there to help college students save time. Apps like Course Hero, Evernote, Pearson, Flat Tomato, Easily Do, LastPass, and others help to make life that much more simple and provide time.  You might be thinking, what is Course Hero, or what is Evernote or what are any of the aforementioned apps? Researching the differences between the different apps and how they can help, will free up time. It is important to look for other time saving apps on your own because technology can ease the burden of college life. Not investing time in finding these types of apps, actually loses you time.

Time is finite. There are only so many minutes in a given day. Finding the way to best manage your time and to give yourself variety in how you live your day will decrease fatigue, failure, and monotony. The more time your make for yourself will better help you understand who you are as a person and what benefits you might be able to provide to someone else.

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